Explore Daisy Nook Country Park on a self-guided Cultural Trail exploring Oldham’s Industrial Heritage. 

Use the map to find the QR codes and meet wonderful characters who used to walk the paths of Daisy Nook during the Victorian era. Each video has additional activities and conversation starters for you to try as you enjoy the trail.

All you need is a sense of adventure and a smart phone. Maps can be collected at the John Howarth Countryside Center (address below).

Location: Daisy Nook Country Park, Off Stannybrook Road, Failsworth, M35 9WJ



  • Collect a map from the John Howard Countryside Center (or download a map here
  • Use the map to seek out the locations of the QR codes
  • Scan the QR code using your mobile phone, it will take you to a video
  • Listen to a short story told by an engaging, historical character
  • Have a go at the additional activities or conversation starters as you continue to explore the Culture Trail

Friendly Competition

This local farmer from Limeside Farm loves nothing more than a friendly competition. Ready? Steady? Go!

Performed by Mitesh Soni.


Our farmer loves a friendly competition. Why not see who is the fastest at:

  • Blinking?
  • Wiggling noses?
  • Pulling tongues?
  • Pulling silly faces?

Why not try saying these tongue twisters. How many times can you say them? Who can say them fastest?

  • Six silly sheep still asleep
  • Six sleek swans swam swiftly southwards.
  • Betty bought a bar of butter, but the butter Betty bought was bitter, so Betty beat a bit of butter to make the bitter butter better.

Do you know any tongue twisters that you could try? You could try and make up your own.

Have a stretch and create your own Copenhagen Games. Decide on a starting and finishing point and get ready to race.

  • Who can walk the fastest?
  • Who can run the fastest?
  • Who can hop the fastest?
  • Who can run the slowest?

Why not create some of your own races? See who can be fastest? See who can be slowest?

Conversation starter

Think about your dream job. What do you enjoy doing? If you could do any job in the world what would it be and why? Take turns to share your dream job.


The Daisy Nook Fair

Emily and Harry met in Daisy Nook and love nothing more than an Egg Ale from Red Bills.

Performed by Isabel Ford and Richard J Fletcher.

Conversation starter

Do you have a nice memory from a special occasion to share? It could be from a festival, holiday, or celebration. Choose a memory that always makes you smile. Take turns and share your special memory.

Why not share the story of when you met someone special to you? It could be a friend or a partner. It might be a work colleague, teacher or even a celebrity. Who are you with? Have you known each other a long time? You could reminisce on how you met. Take turns to share your stories.

What are your favourite food and drinks? If you were going to cook a meal, or bake something for a friend what would it be? Share your favourite food and recipes. Be careful, it might make you hungry!

A Day Out

Learn more about local Failsworth lad, Ben Brierley.

Performed by Russell Richardson


Why not try and tell a story together? You could take turns to add a sentence to the story. Use your imagination and see where it takes you. If you need some ideas have a look around. What can you see? A duck, a tree, a dog? Like Ben Brierley, you can use Daisy Nook as your inspiration.

Want to see more?

You could visit Failsworth Pole to see an eight- foot bronze statue of Ben Brierley just 100 yards from his birth place. 

Annie's in Trouble

Find out what this local mill worker thinks of Annie Kenney's involvement with Christabel Pankhurst and the suffrage movement.

Performed by Sonya Nisa

Conversation Starter

Have a think about the following questions. Take turns discussing and sharing your answers:

  • What do we know about the women's suffrage movement?
  • What is something that is important to you?
  • Have you ever stood up for something you believe in like Annie Kenny?

Want to see more?

Annie Kenny was a key figure in the suffragette movement who lived and worked in Oldham. Why not visit Oldham Town Center where you will find a statue of Annie Kenny just outside the town hall? (Oldham Town Center, OL1 1RA)

You could visit the Pankhurst Center, an iconic site of women’s activism, home to Emmeline Pankhurst and her family. (The Pankhurst Center, 60-62 Nelson Street, Manchester, M13 9WP.)

Have you heard about the Blacksmith's wife?

This lady loves nothing more than a juicy piece of gossip. Have you heard about the Blacksmiths wife?

Performed by Holly-Robyn Harrison


How well were you listening to the gossip? Let’s see if you can answer these questions:

  1. 1. How many young women left the factories to go to work in America?
  2. 2. Where did the Blacksmith work?
  3. 3. What time was the auction?
  4. 4. Where was the pawn shop where the Lodger was sent?
  5. 5. Can you name any of the four items that the Blacksmiths wife didn’t sell?




  1. 1. Around 200.
  2. 2. Audenshaw
  3. 3. 3:30
  4. 4. Newton Heath
  5. 5. The bed, a three-legged stool, a wooden skewer, and the remnants of dinner form the night before.

The Boggart of Crime Lake

There is nothing to worry about as you stroll past Crime Lake, it’s just an old local name for the word 'meadow'. But have you heard the legend of The Crime Lake Boggart?

Performed by Channique Sterling-Brown


Boggart Nature Art

Can you make a picture of The Boggart of Crime Lake using the nature that is around you? You could use sticks for the body, stones for the eyes, and leaves for the hair. Use your imagination and be creative!

When you get home please draw a picture of The Boggart of Crime Lake, maybe even write a story to go along with it...

Conversation starter

Can you think of any silly tricks or pranks The Boggart of Crime Lake might play on people today? Share your ideas together.

Do you know any myths or legends like The Boggart of Crime Lake or a church bell ringing at the bottom of the lake? It might be the Loch Ness monster, King Arthur’s Sword, or The Pendle Witches. Why not take turns sharing any myths or legends you might know?

Want to see more?

Why not take a trip to Alexandra Park, which was built by the people of Oldham during the cotton famine sparked by the American Civil War, which prevented the raw cotton arriving from America to Oldham. (Kings Road, Oldham, OL8 2AX)

Why not take a trip to see the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Manchester City Centre. (Lincoln Grove, Manchester, M2 5LF)

The Letter Home

Neelam writes to her family back home and shares expeirences of her first cold winter in Oldham.

Created by Hana and the Chai Ladies

Performed by Hana


Why not send a friend or family member a letter in the post? It could be someone who lives far away or close by. Imagine the smile on their face when it lands on their doorstep.

Conversation Starter

Can you remember the first time you saw something that seemed magical? It could be the snow or the sea? A thunderstorm or a rainbow? What can you remember? How did it feel? Take turns sharing your answers.

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Filmed and Edited by Grant Archer
Illustrated by Rachel Horan
Designed by Anthony Price


Stories and characters have been created from historical articles: including; newspapers, paintings, and letters, along the imagination and creativity of community groups across Oldham. Thanks to Roger Ivens and Oldham Archive.



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