Celebrate Oldham Pride 2021 with the Coliseum

Oldham Coliseum Theatre is thrilled to celebrate Oldham Pride with three events over the week starting 19 July: a verbatim show exploring six decades of queer history; a cabaret evening featuring Cheddar Gorgeous and Jason Andrew Guest; and a vibrant outdoor dance performance.   

Riot Act by Alexis Gregory is a critically acclaimed solo verbatim show created from interviews with three key players in the history of the LBGTQ+ rights movement: Michael Anthony Nozzi – a survivor of the Stonewall Riots, Lavina Co-op – an alternative ‘70s drag artist, and Paul Burnston – ‘90s London AIDS activist.

This critically acclaimed audience favourite is a celebration of queer activism across six decades with stories of queerness, sexuality, activism, addiction, family, childhood, love, sex, drag, community, togetherness, conflict, identity, youth, ageing, loss, fierce queens and a Hollywood diva.

Provocative, tender, truthful, funny, political and personal, pulling no punches, hilarious and inspiring, Riot Act comes to the Coliseum on Wednesday 21 July

On Friday 23 July Sashay this way for Queer Cabaret presented by the Coliseum and Oldham Pride.

Drag artist, activist and academic Cheddar Gorgeous explores the experience and ‘blitz spirit’ of the pandemic in Oh What A Lovely Lockdown – a new performance using spoken word, comedy and a tune or two; while triple-threat vocalist, dancer and choreographer Jason Andrew Guest celebrates Black, Queer artists, musicians and icons through vocal house, Vogue and high fashion, in a showcase of QTIPOC Excellence - Welcome to the Haus of Myztique.

Plus Lily Savage’s former drag partner and the original Lucy Fur David Dale, Drag Queen Felicia DuPaul, Australian Diva Kelly Wilde and more. Hosted by Terri Fox.

Oh What A Lovely Lockdown and Welcome to the Haus of Myztique have been developed with Pride Stages Bursaries from the Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Arts & Culture Network. The Pride Stages Bursary is supported by The Met and Bury Pride, Waterside Arts and pride in Trafford, The Lowry and Salford Pride, Oldham Coliseum Theatre and Oldham Pride, Manchester International Festival and Manchester Pride.

ThickSkin Theatre take to the streets of Oldham with their outdoor celebration of difference, Shade in Parliament Square on Saturday 24 July.

Shade brings together seven unique characters in search of their true selves. Choreographed by award-winning duo Neil Bettles and Jonnie Riordan, with sound design by Pete Malkin, the performance amplifies and illuminates the value of difference.

A new show that explores moments of self-discovery and acceptance against the backdrop of contemporary queer culture, expect cool moves, classic grooves and sassy shapes, for anyone who wants to get lost in music. Join us at the party, step out of the shade and onto the dance floor. 

Oldham Coliseum closed its doors to the public with immediate effect following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 16 March 2020. It reopened with its first live event The Greatest Play in the History of the World… on Thursday 24 June 2021.

Since its closure the theatre’s teams have been working remotely to create and share great art and opportunities to be creative, and making regular phone calls to participants at risk of experiencing loneliness due to lockdown. The theatre’s previous work in lockdown includes: interactive murder mystery Whodunnit at the Coliseum? the Advent Plays, Digital Panto Storytelling, the Mini-Podcast series, the Poetry Health Service – a Homemakers commission in partnership with HOME Manchester, streaming of hit musical The Hired Man and Coliseum Creates – a resource pack of fun activities for families and children of all ages.

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