Finding out what’s on

We have a large print brochure or you can listen to what’s coming up in our latest season on an audio CD.

Ask for this via Box Office by calling 0161 624 2829 or by emailing

Making your booking

Please tell us about any access requirements you have when you book your tickets so we can make sure you have the best possible experience. Concessions are available to eligible Disabled people and their companions. Registered Disabled customers are entitled to one free companion ticket.

Tickets must be collected at the Coliseum’s Box Office and we may need your ID as proof of your eligibility as a Registered Disabled Person.

We welcome Assistance Dogs, Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs to the Coliseum and fresh drinking water is always available for them. If you’d like to bring your Assistance Dog to a performance, please let us know when booking your ticket and we’ll let you know about any special effects that might affect your dog. Your dog will be able to sit in the aisle, alternatively, a Customer Experience Volunteer can care for your dog.

To make your visit the very best, book your wheelchair space in advance by speaking to our Box Office team so they can make sure that you have a good view of the stage and you and your friends can all sit together. Similarly if you are a Deaf, Deafened or Hard Of Hearing or Blind / Visually Impaired person, our Box Office team will help you experience the Coliseum at its very best so please contact us on 0161 624 2829 or email

Please tell us where we can make improvements.  We really welcome your feedback.

Accessible Transport

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) can help you plan your journey to the theatre.   TfGM customer services – 0161 244 1000 Monday to Friday: 7am to 8pm. Weekends and Bank Holidays: 8am to 8pm

There are services for people with accessibility needs:

Ring & Ride provides short, local trips to eligible residents of Greater Manchester. Registered users may travel to any location within six miles of their home address within Greater Manchester.

Local Link is a low-cost, flexible, accessible transport service that ‘fills the gaps’ where other public transport options are limited or not available. The service operates in those areas of Greater Manchester where there is a need. Local Link is available to anyone living or working in these areas – there are no age or disability restrictions.

Distances from Public Transport

Oldham Central Tram Stop to Oldham Coliseum Theatre via Retiro Street and Union Street – 0.3 miles, 6 minutes’ walk.  The pavements are quite narrow on this street and there is an incline up towards the theatre.

Oldham Mumps Tram Stop to Oldham Coliseum Theatre via Yorkshire Street – 0.2 miles, 4 minutes’ walk.  There is a relatively steep incline upwards on this street.

Oldham Central Bus Station to Oldham Coliseum Theatre via Yorkshire Street – 0.4 miles, 10 minutes’ walk.  There is an incline down the street towards the theatre.

Car parking for Disabled Patrons

There are a limited number of parking spaces available outside the theatre on Fairbottom Street for Disabled patrons who hold a Blue Badge.  Sat Nav: OL1 3SW. Please display your Blue Badge in your car.

Details from Oldham Council about the Blue Badge parking scheme are available here.

The nearest car park is located on Bradshaw Street.  Sat Nav: OL1 3EX

The Bradshaw Street car park has four Disabled parking bays. Oldham Council’s website has more detail about other car parks including information for Disabled visitors.

Access to Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Our theatre was first built in 1887, with many additions over the years, and unfortunately, the building isn’t purpose built to fully meet the needs of Disabled People.  However, we’re working hard to make the building as accessible as it can be.  Please tell us about your access requirements when you book your tickets.

Access to the front door of theatre building is up four steps, although there is a side door just up Fairbottom Street – the street on which we’re located – which is on a flat surface.  Just ring the doorbell at the side door and someone from Box Office or the Front of House team will meet you.

The Stalls area of our Main Auditorium is the most accessible part of the building as it is on the ground floor. There is a slight but manageable slope in the Main Auditorium. There are six wheelchair spaces in our auditorium, all located in the Stalls for ease of access.

Please note the Circle and Upper Circle are accessed by going upstairs – with no lift access – so we recommend booking seats in the Stalls area on the ground floor.   There are 19 steps up to the Circle then a further three steps up to the Circle Bar.  There are nine steps up to the Upper Circle and then a further five steps up if your seats are at the very back of the theatre at this level.  If you have any questions, just speak to our Box Office team.

We have an accessible shop in our ground floor foyer where you can buy drinks, sweets and programmes.  Our Stalls Bar is accessible – again, this is on the ground floor – and our staff will be happy to bring drinks to your table.   The corridor from the Stalls Bar does have a slight slope which you will be aware of if you are in a wheelchair. There is a unisex adapted toilet close to the ground floor foyer, with a further unisex adapted toilet just off the Stalls bar in the Education suite.

Access to our Studio Space

Our Studio space has limited accessibility, unfortunately. It is reached by seven steps down from the first floor Circle Bar or 15 steps up from our ground floor Education Space. There is a lift available to the Studio but this does not also provide access to the Circle Bar. Please talk to our Box Office team about your booking.

Infrared Assisted Listening System

This system helps Deaf, Deafened or Hard Of Hearing audience members pick up sounds from our performances more clearly via headsets or on their own hearing aids by reducing background noise and enhancing the volume of the performance.

A microphone picks up sound from the stage and transmits it to our headsets or audience members’ own hearing aids via the use of our necklace loop receivers.

This means you can focus on sounds, such as an actor speaking on stage, from the receiver rather than your internal hearing aid microphone that amplifies all noises in the auditorium.

The receivers need to be worn with the receiver panels facing front and set to channel A. If you wish to use a necklace loop receiver, which works in conjunction with your personal hearing aid, you must switch it to the ‘T’ setting.

Our Front of House and Box Office staff are happy to offer you further information and assistance.

The best seats to book if you want to use our infrared system are marked in red: (Click image to enlarge)


Loop System

The Coliseum also has a Loop System installed. This works with personal hearing aids, you should switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ setting.

The best seats to book if you want to use our Induction Loop system are marked in green: (Click image to enlarge)


BSL (British Sign Language) Interpreted Performances

The Coliseum also provides BSL (British Sign Language) interpreted performances of our in house productions; these are scheduled for:

The best seats to book for our BSL interpreted Performances can vary depending on the show, please check with our Box Office team who will be happy to advise you.

Access Services for our Blind or Visually Impaired Audiences

The Coliseum offers Audio Described performances for our in house productions, provided by Minds’ Eye Description Services.

Audio description describes movement, body language, expressions, stage settings and lighting effects, allowing you to hear what you might not be able to see. The description is carefully fitted in around the actors’ voices so you don’t miss the dialogue.  Audio description is delivered live during the show via our infrared headphones.

In conjunction with the described performances, we offer touch tours where you can explore the stage, as well as some of the props and costumes with our audio describer. These take place before the show on our audio described performance dates.

It is recommended you book for the audio description service, as well as the touch tours, to get the very best experience. The dates for these performances are:

For more information please contact our Box Office via or 0161 624 2829.

The best seats to book if you want to listen to our Audio Described performances are marked in red: (Click image to enlarge)


Relay Screen

We understand that some people, for example, people on the Autism spectrum, may need some quiet time out of the auditorium so there’s a relay screen in the Stalls Bar which is located on our ground floor.  Here you can chill out and watch the action on stage on a screen in a quieter environment so you don’t miss a thing.

Relaxed Performances

Crowds, loud music, flashing lights and applause can be unsettling and can cause anxiety. This can mean families potentially missing out on a great joint-experience of something that creates special family memories.

A relaxed performance is suitable for people with sensory, communication and other needs. We listened to audience members with sensory, communication and needs like autism and have designed a performance that works for them.

Extra staff and volunteers are available for support, lighting is softer, noise levels are quieter and audience members are able to exit and re-enter the auditorium whenever they like. During the show, our Stalls Bar becomes a Chill Out Zone with colouring-in and other activities and the show is relayed on the TV screen. Our Education Suite becomes a Quiet Space for anyone who needs to take a peaceful moment. The Relaxed Performances this season are scheduled for:

If you have any questions about our relaxed performance or to book tickets, please get in touch with Box Office on 0161 624 2829.

Information correct as of May 2021.

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