Tarek Slater

Hiran / Mugger

Tarek trained at Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA).

Theatre credits include: Beauty and the Beast (The Dukes, Lancaster); fell (Edgeways Productions); Warrington in WW1 (Not Too Tame); Planet Caravan (People Zoo Productions); Down Ashton and Another Yalta (Octagon Theatre, Bolton); Looking for the Angel in Flight (Cabaret Voltaire 101); Jack and the Beanstalk (Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester); Measure for Measure (Demi Paradise Productions); Let the Right One In; Red Noses and Arabian Nights (Academy of Live and Recorded Arts) and Gargantua (Winstanley College and National Theatre).

Tarek also performed in rehearsed readings for: The 1975 Project; fell (Edgeways Productions); A Taste of Home (Manchester ADP at Oldham Coliseum Theatre); The Oldham Murder (Oldham Library); Said the Seismograph about the Tremor (PUSH Festival at HOME, Manchester); Long Narrow Land (Made It Theatre) and Express Delivery (Octagon Theatre, Bolton).

Film credits include: Hope Dies Last (Nominated for Best Actor at Manhattan Short Film Festival, Bolo Films); Rum Gits (Tiger Punch Films) and True Hero (Academy of Live and Recorded Arts).

Other: Tarek performed in the 2015 Greater Manchester Police Forum Theatre Tour, produced by Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

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